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Rozhovor s firmou VICTAULIC o knihovnách BIM pro TZB

Společnost Victaulic jako průmyslový leader na trhu v oblasti virtuálního designu, obsahu knihoven pro BIM a softwarových řešení, je uznávaným partnerem společnosti Autodesk. Nabízí koordinaci projektů, odhad nákladů a řízení projektů spolu s výkresovou dokumentací BIM a praktickými školeními pro obchodní, projekční, montážní a stavební firmy.

What are the experience with SW interconnection and people working in 3D building modeling and statics, for example?

We usually meet with designers and consultants of HVAC systems, typically cooling and heating and they are looking for SW solution that brings very good detailed 3D BIM modeling for HVAC together with hydraulic flow calculation. And it is missing ring now in our application.

In the Czech Republic, we have three problems: we do not have a ready concept of building materials classification, or a clear concept of progressing through constructions or products, which of course is significantly more complicated and, last but not least, the government's determination to set data standards only on the basis of product standards. What are your experiences from other countries in this regard?

There is a big difference amongst the European countries, some governments/regions demand the use of BIM and others are at the start of BIM. The Northern countries are using a materials classification which they want to use in the BIM models. Still there is a lot of room for improvement on standardization regarding data and exchange of data between the different parties involved in the building chain.

As balconies/loggias are getting bigger and the risk of fire increases caused by flammable furniture, a sprinkler protection will be indispensable. What is the newest possibility to protect this freezing area without the use of a dry system?

Nowadays dry pipe sprinkler systems come in all shapes and sizes, but the main function is still avoiding pipe freeze-ups and system impairments while providing uncompromising fire protection. Evidenced in research and development in the area of dry pipe sprinklers, it is clear Victaulic is committed to increased safety, convenience and design flexibility.

Victaulic offers a wide array of dry sprinkler system solutions:

  • Traditional FireLock™ V33 and V36 dry sprinklers
  • V36 dry sprinklers with integral VicFlex™ Series AB6 Cold Storage Assembly
  • VicFlex™ Model VS1 Dry Sprinkler

We are interested in NOISE AND VIBRATION ATTENUATION - can you give examples of usage?

Every pump in heating or cooling system should be connected to the system with rubber below. On both sides outlet / inlet or if you like on the suction side and pressure side. Rubber below decrease vibrations and noise. Unfortunately this component is very sensitive on correct and accurate installation and on the top of that it should be regularly inspected and cleaned. Every 6 months. We can offer much easier and robust solution when 3 couplings prior pump and 3 after the pump are flexible. Those 3 flexible couplings have much better anti-vibration and anti-noise performance. And they do not require any inspection or maintenance.