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Latest reviewed editorial research papers in the field of building services engineering


Optimal design of heat meter in heating and cooling systems

19.11.2018 | Ing. Peter Holyszewski, Enbra, a.s.
As a condition for the data from the heat meter to be within the permissible tolerance field, it is correct to determine the operating conditions of the gauge and to adapt the gauge selection. Not only at the stage of designing and installing the meter, but throughout its operation. One of the critical parameters is the minimum temperature difference and the minimum flow, which changes very often after insulation of the buildings, after the modernization of the heating systems of individual apartments. In terms of accuracy, there is no difference between bills for billing purposes and gauges used to use their data to optimize the operation of heating or cooling systems.
Facility management

Importance of ISO 41000 for further development of facility management

19.11.2018 | Ing. Ondřej Štrup, FM Institute, s.r.o.
Since 2007, the European Standard ČSN EN 15221 has been applied. Its first two parts have grown to the current 7 parts. In the spring of this year, ISO 41001 “Facility management” was officially issued, which culminated in the first phase of completing the ISO 41000 global standard.


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Latest reviewed editorial research papers in the field of construction

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