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About TZB-info

TZB-info - Gateway to the world of specialized information

TZB-info is an Internet resource specialising in information on construction, energy savings, and the related fields collectively referred to as mechanical and electrical systems usually known as building services (in Czech abbreviated as TZB). Its primary focus lies within the construction of buildings and energy issues related thereto. Whether you’re looking for heating, electricity, heat loss reduction or building efficiency, the portal offers up-to-date information on the developments in those fields every day. The information presented by TZB-info is carefully selected and edited, serving a diverse audience of professionals ranging from designers to installers but also the general public. TZB-info records 500,000 visits every month.

TZB-info - a reviewed portal

Several years ago the emphasis on quality of the specialized information from independent experts both in construction and in building services led to our strict review policy, whereby texts from experts (comprising over half the content on TZB-info) are reviewed before being posted. As a result, the Czech Government's Science, Research and Innovation Council included the TZB-info portal on its list of reviewed periodicals.

History of TZB-info

The TZB-info portal was launched on 1 July 2001, expanding the original server that focused on heating only. The sweeping growth in the scope of technical information provided on TZB-info led us to gradually expand the server further to areas related to HEATING - VENTILATING & AIR-CONDITIONING and WATER & DRAINAGE.

Building services using renewable sources of energy were gaining ground already a decade ago. These were above all heat pumps, solar thermal collectors and biomass boilers (for wood pellets and chips). This fast growing area became a separate section entitled RENEWABLE ENERGY.

As the information included on the portal gradually grew to cover the complete range of mechanical and electrical systems in buildings, other sections were established - ENERGY, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING and ELEVATORS.


The key issue explored by TZB-info from the very beginning was energy savings, primarily in buildings. As energy savings cannot be related entirely to technical equipment, another section, initially entitled CONSTRUCTION AND ENERGY, was added in 2008.

This section focused above all on heat and moisture transfer through the building envelope. As such phenomena are affected also by architectural design, the CONSTRUCTION AND ENERGY section started exploring the designing and the technology used in the course of construction. TZB-info began displaying articles on thermal insulation systems, windows, doors, waterproofing materials, etc.

To achieve energy savings and to design an energy-efficient building, close co-operation is required between the architect, the architectural engineer, the building services engineer, and others. An expert who designs passive houses must therefore master most of those professions. That is why PASSIVE HOUSES became another section on TZB-info.

Not only did heating, air-conditioning and plumbing professionals gradually join the readership of TZB-info. Increasing numbers of architectural engineers and architects also began using our portal as a source of reference. As a consequence, the structure and content of the CONSTRUCTION AND ENERGY section were modified and enriched to make it a full-fledged source of knowledge as was the case with the sections on mechanical and electrical systems (building services).

In January 2011 a separate part of the portal entitled CONSTRUCTION was established, subdivided into SHELL CONSTRUCTION, INSULATION - ROOFS - FACADES, WINDOWS - DOORS, FLOORS - PARTITION WALLS - SURFACES, LOW-ENERGY BUILDINGS, WOODEN BUILDINGS, BUILDING REGENERATION, and BUILDING ENVIRONMENT. As with the building services sections, this part offers specialized articles by renowned authors and by the portal editors, invitations to events, the latest domestic and international news, and last but not least information on new products from companies operating in the field.

TZB-info maintains a high profile

TZB-info sponsors or co-sponsors several dozen events every year. The logo of the TZB-info portal can be seen at many trade fairs, conferences and professional seminars, and also in magazines and other publications. Thanks to its unique position as a specialized medium accessible to the general public, TZB-info regularly collaborates with nationwide newspapers in preparing specialised supplements, for example on energy savings and environment-friendly heating.

TZB-info e-mail newsletter

TZB-info's weekly e-mail newsletter is highly appreciated by thousands of subscribers. The newsletter provides readers with an easy-to-navigate summary of important events and information posted on TZB-info during the previous week.

TZB-info gives people what they are looking for

Surveys regularly carried out among the visitors of the portal repeatedly indicate that people are looking for quality information and are grateful when they find it. Such information provides them with guidance in purchasing products and services. TZB-info gives people information they trust.


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