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Latest reviewed editorial research papers in the field of building services engineering


Verification of Function and Effect of Return Water Temperature Control on a Solid Fuel Boiler in Connection with a Thermal Storage Tank

19.6.2017 | Ing. Jiří Horák, Ph.D., Ing. Lubomír Martiník, Ing. Kamil Krpec, Ph.D., Ing. František Hopan, Ph.D., Ing. Petr Kubesa, Ing. Vendula Laciok, Ph.D., VŠB-TU Ostrava, Výzkumné energetické centrum, Časopis Větrání vytápění instalace | Vytápění větrání instalace 2-2016
This article deals with verification of function of Laddomat 21 (which mixes supply heating water with return water), verification of the time needed to heat up the thermal storage tank when using Laddomat with different thermostatic cartridges (required temperature settings) and effect of using this system on the pollutants emission in the flue gas.
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Ventilating and Air-Conditioning

Winter Operation of Air Conditioning Systems in New Office Buildings

19.6.2017 | Ing. Miloš Lain, Ph.D. | Vytápění větrání instalace 3-2016
The article deals with thermal balance of the administrative building during winter operation. It refers to the fact that for the existing administrative buildings the internal heat gains are often higher than the overall losses by heat transfer. The balance includes the influence of ventilation and heat recovery. The study is supplemented with detailed hourly analysis. The article discusses the conceptual solution for heating, ventilation and cooling of such buildings in winter. The article is also accompanied by actual experience with winter operation of selected buildings.
Renewable Energy

Power Prediction of Photovoltaic Systems

19.6.2017 | Ing. Petr Wolf, Ph.D., ČVUT UCEEB
This article focuses on the topic of power prediction for photovoltaic systems. It presents parameters which have major impact on operation performance of such systems. Main types of weather predictions for photovoltaic systems are being described together with their usage and sources for input data.
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What are the common parts of residential buildings in the Czech Republic?

19.6.2017 | Ing. Petr Bohuslávek, redakce
The definition of what is a common part of a residential building is essential especially when modifying the building structures and eliminating defects that affect both a common part and residential units. How common parts are defined affects who finances the modifications and reconstructions of such structures and parts. The definition of common parts is based on the new Civil Code (No. 89/2012 Coll.) and on the already abolished Act on Ownership of Housing (No. 72/1994 Coll.).


Heating | Ventilating and Air-Conditioning | Water and Drainage | Renewable Energy | Electrical Engineering | Energetics

Latest reviewed editorial research papers in the field of construction

Administrativní budova Tamedia v CurychuWooden Buildings

Technical Normalisation and Multi-Storey Timber Buildings

19.6.2017 | doc. Ing. Petr Kuklík, CSc., Ing. Lukáš Velebil, ČVUT v Praze, UCEEB, Ing. arch. Bc. Anna Gregorová, ČVUT v Praze
At present, there is growing interest in the realization of multi-storey wooden buildings. In the case of multi-storey wooden buildings, their safety, stiffness and acoustics are of key importance. The submitted paper focuses on the issue of fire safety of multi-storey wooden buildings, which is currently the subject of major discussions.


Shell Construction | Insulation, Roofs, Facades | Windows, Doors | Floors, Partition Walls, Surfaces | Low Energy Buildings | Wooden Buildings | Building Regeneration | Building Physics

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