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Latest reviewed editorial research papers in the field of building services engineering

Renewable Energy

Offshore wind power

16.1.2017 | Břetislav Koč
The article describes the specifics of offshore wind turbines, their construction, history and development.
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Heating | Ventilating and Air-Conditioning | Water and Drainage | Renewable Energy | Electrical Engineering | Energetics

Latest reviewed editorial research papers in the field of construction

Shell Construction

High Temperature Compressive Tests of Lightweight Concrete

16.1.2017 | Ing. Milan Rydval, Ing. Tomáš Bittner, Ing. David Čítek, Ing. Šárka Nenadálová, ČVUT Praha, Kloknerův ústav
The paper is focused on comparison of different types of compressive tests of samples exposed to high temperature. The tests could be divided into two basic types. The first type of the test is an ambient temperature testing to obtain residual compressive strengths and the second type is a hot state testing to obtain mechanical parameters of concrete exposed to high temperature.
Low Energy Buildings

Budovy s téměř nulovou spotřebou – porovnání energetických standardů

16.1.2017 | Ing. Michal Čejka, PORSENNA o.p.s., Ing. Jan Antonín, Ph.D., EnergySim
Aim of the article is to introduce building energy efficiency standarts in simplified form and their comparasion with requirements to nearly zero energy buildings in mutual context.
Building Regeneration

Micellar solutions and microemulsions for cleaning the historical materials

16.1.2017 | Ing. Jiří Rathouský, CSc., Centrum pro inovace v oboru nanomaterálů a nanotechnologií, Ústav fyzikální chemie Jaroslava Heyrovského, v.v.i., AV ČR
The removal of unwanted material from the surface of historical artefacts is one of the most important and also the most delicate operations in the restoration of cultural heritage. In the Center for innovations in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies a novel design concept of the cleaning microemulsions was developed based on a combination of the two functions, implemented by two components, namely a micellar solution or microemulsion of nonionic surfactants with the addition of co-surfactants and the specific solvents, which are selected according to the respective substances to be removed. The patented cleaning compositions can very effectively and selectively remove coatings of many substances important for the restoration practice, such as waxes, resins (e.g, Damara), paraffins, oils, water acrylate dispersions, hydrophobization coatings (both monomeric and polymeric) etc. Besides the efficient cleaning, the developed procedures have wider applications, such as in a new method of the hydrophobization of sandstone and limestone materials with a thin hydrophilic surface layer, which has been certified by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


Shell Construction | Insulation, Roofs, Facades | Windows, Doors | Floors, Partition Walls, Surfaces | Low Energy Buildings | Wooden Buildings | Building Regeneration | Building Physics

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