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Latest reviewed editorial research papers in the field of building services engineering


Boiler room or boiler in each apartment?

5.12.2016 | Ing. Petr Vacek
Apartment buildings often deal with the question whether it is preferable to install gas boiler in every apartment or to build boiler room and transport heat to apartments. The article proposes a procedure to obtain information for decision.
21 comments, last 09.12.2016 07:21
Ventilating and Air-Conditioning

PM₁ and new focus on human health protection

5.12.2016 | Ing. František Bálint, Camfil s.r.o., Levice, Slovensko
Although the WHO and the EU monitor PM2.5 a PM10 particles, PM1 particles have the smallest and most harmful fraction.
1 comment, 05.12.2016 13:50
Water and Drainage

Energy savings achieved by recuperative heat exchanger in real operation

5.12.2016 | Doc. Ing. Tomáš Matuška, Ph.D., Univerzitní centrum energeticky efektivních budov (UCEEB) ČVUT, Ing. Roman Vavřička, Ph.D., Fakulta strojní, ČVUT v Praze
Paper shows the results of laboratory testing of heat exchanger and its application in real operation in household. Although the efficiency of shower heat exchanger reaches even above 40 %, achieved energy savings for hot water preparation range between 10 and 15 %.
Electrical Engineering

Smart cities - the cities of the future III.

5.12.2016 | Ing. Michal Lom, doc. Ing. Ondřej Přibyl, Ph.D.
This article is the third in a series of Smart Cities - the cities of the future, which is aimed to provide some concrete solutions and applications of smart cities, that are already being applied in the world and tries to describe their contribution to public administration and urban residents. In this article, we focus on two areas of Smart City - Smart Living and Smart Environment.
1 comment, 05.12.2016 20:11
Facility management

Is it possible to cover FM services with one's own employees?

5.12.2016 | Ing. Ondřej Štrup, Hein Consulting
Outsourcing is becoming a phenomenon of our time. Many managers assume that its implementation will remove numerous problems, save exorbitant costs, reduce the number of employees and in the future will move “our problems” to someone else. Is it so simple? And is it even true?


Heating | Ventilating and Air-Conditioning | Water and Drainage | Renewable Energy | Electrical Engineering | Energetics | Elevators

Latest reviewed editorial research papers in the field of construction

Shell Construction

Optimization of Axial Tension Test for Cement Composites

5.12.2016 | Ing. Martin Tipka, doc. Ing. Jan Vodička, CSc., ČVUT v Praze, Fakulta stavební, Katedra betonových a zděných konstrukcí
The paper introduces modified arrangement of the test in axial tension for cement composites. Specific shape of the specimen and special steel grips to fix the specimen in testing machine are described. The arrangement of the test enables recording of the load-deformation diagram in the central part of the specimen and direct derivation of the stress-strain diagram.
Insulation, Roofs, Facades

Retenční schopnosti testovacích segmentů zelených střech

5.12.2016 | Ing. Klára Nečadová, Ing. Petr Selník, Ing. David Bečkovský, Ph.D., doc. Ing. Jan Pěnčík, Ph.D., Fakulta stavební - VUT Brno
Green roof is currently very discussed topic especially their positive retention properties in urban units. The article describes tests of three diverse variants of green roofs applied on the testing building EnviHUT in Brno – research centre AdMaS. Each roof set represents unique application of structural and physical characteristics, but also different characteristics of biological and botanical aspects. With respect to these facts it has been provided and tested optimal design type of green roof that would secure a long-term stability corresponded to local parameters. The article also focuses on the discussion between the participants of the implementation process of vegetative parts of buildings, including a link to the issue of building legislation.


Shell Construction | Insulation, Roofs, Facades | Windows, Doors | Floors, Partition Walls, Surfaces | Low Energy Buildings | Wooden Buildings | Building Regeneration | Building Physics

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