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Latest reviewed editorial research papers in the field of building services engineering


Why the woman died of CO poisoning? Was she “killed” by her son because he wanted to save money for the door?

23.5.2016 | Ing. Jiří Horák, Ph.D., VŠB-TU Ostrava, Výzkumné energetické centrum
A woman died of CO poisoning perhaps only because her son wanted to save money and he bought and installed a door in his new house. Insufficient air supply to the burning fuel is accompanied by a poorer quality of combustion and thus increased production of poisonous CO. If CO is not safely discharged outside the building by a flue-gas duct, it is only a matter of time when a disaster occurs. During the investigation, the judge asked questions to the workers of Energy Research Center relating to the formation of CO. The answers are listed in this article.
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Water and Drainage

The risk of drought and emergency supplies in small water supply systems

23.5.2016 | RNDr. Josef V. Datel, Ph.D., Ing. Anna Hrabánková, Zdeněk Pištora, Výzkumný ústav vodohospodářský TGM, v.v.i.,,  Asociace pro využití tepelných čerpadel
1200 municipalities in the Czech Republic has no public water and residents are dependent on individual sources or municipal wells. According to the Law on Water Supply and Sewerage 2130 there waterworks operators to keep emergency supplies. More than 95 % of them relate to small communities.

Coal Business: Hidden Payments and Upaid Bills

23.5.2016 | Mgr. Klára Sutlovičová
Extraction and combustion of coal have changed the world and the climate of our planet within last two hundred years, but both are declining. This fact alongside with many others belongs to key messages of a new, representative publication, the Coal Atlas. Coal has started the industrial revolution and at the same time caused environmental and social destruction of large areas. At present, coal significantly contributes to climate change by being responsible for 43 % of global carbon dioxide emissions and more than one third of all greenhouse gas emissions respectively. Progressive countries are therefore leaving coal behind. What is more, consumption of coal has recently stagnated also in China, so far the biggest consumer. While the coal business seems to be inevitably coming to the end, some investors still hope for a profit. Why some buy something that the others consider as “stranded assets”?
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Facility management

Principles of Prioritizing Implementation Steps to put into the Operation Smoke and Heat Removal Devices and the Other Active Fire Safety Devices

23.5.2016 | Ing. Jiří Pokorný, Ph.D., MPA, VŠB – TU Ostrava, Katedra ochrany obyvatelstva,  Časopis Větrání vytápění instalace | Vytápění větrání instalace 1/2016
The active fire safety devices, by which are in the contribution meant especially electric fire alarms, stabile fire extinguishing means and devices for smoke and heat removal, are an important part of building security systems. For the proper function of these systems it is necessary to pay attention to the priority how to put into operation the particular device, their coordina tion and interaction between them.
The principles of the prioritizing how to put into the operation the individual active fire safety devices are described on the basis of the reasons for the devices installation and their priority or eventually secondary protection targets. The attention is paid also to the coordina tion of the fire safety means.


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Latest reviewed editorial research papers in the field of construction

Low Energy Buildings

Výzkum energeticky efektivních budov v Evropské unii (1.)

23.5.2016 | doc. RNDr. Jitka Kubátová, CSc., RNDr. Petr Pracna, CSc., Technologické centrum AV ČR
Building Physics

Protihlukové stěny a pohlcované decibely

23.5.2016 | Ing. Pavel Rubáš, Ph.D., Technický a zkušební ústav stavební Praha s.p.
The European qualification system for traffic noise reducing devices is based on a framework of ten standards. This framework is based on a product standard EN 14388 which specifies performance requirements in terms of measurable characteristics and associated test methods. Each characteristic is rated according to a system of “classes”; for this purpose, a normalized road traffic noise spectrum has been defined (EN 1793-3). Sound absorption must be tested in laboratory using methods which can be regarded as tuned versions of the ISO 354 and EN 1793. Laboratory measurements of sound absorption is following the principles of the EN 1793 “tuned” versions. The result is a single number ratings following a normalized road traffic noise spectrum, this single number rating DLcan be very problematic in case of evaluation of high sound absorbing traffic noise reducing devices.
1 comment, 24.05.2016 11:06


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