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All users of the TZB-info website are requested to familiarise themselves with these terms and conditions governing access to and use of the TZB-info website.

Introductory provisions

These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) govern third party use of the TZB-info website (“TZB-info Website” or the “Website”).

All those visiting the TZB-info Website (the “User”) for the first time or who have not acquainted themselves with the Conditions should read them before using the Website.

Topinfo s.r.o. is the owner, purchaser and operator of the Website, together with the internet address. Topinfo s.r.o. is authorised in accordance with the legal regulations to disseminate the Website.

The TZB-info Website is intended for persons with their registered address or residence in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, regardless of whether other persons have or may have access to the Website. In this regard, Topinfo s.r.o. draws attention to the fact that the TZB-info Website content is not intended for use and/or distribution by any person with its registered address or residence in any state or subject to jurisdiction where such use would be illegal, or would be subject to approval of the relevant authorities or other persons, or where to create, operate and/or distribute the content or any part thereof would require a permit, registration, or compliance with any other conditions.

Copyrights and trademarks

Any use of the TZB-info Website or part thereof for reasons other than personal, especially in the form of dissemination, copying, further processing or modification, or acquisition of additional copies is possible only with the written permission of the operator. In such cases, the TZB-info Website must always be referred to as the source. Without such permission and indication of the source, it is forbidden to further publish, print, or distribute any material or part thereof published on the TZB-info Website, including dissemination by electronic mail, text message and incorporation of such material or part thereof into frames, or re-copying to internal or other private networks, including storage in databases. Any tampering with the technical or factual aspects of information contained on the TZB-info Website is also prohibited. Use other than that of a personal nature constitutes an encroachment on the rights of Topinfo s.r.o. and possibly an encroachment on the rights of subjects whose data, works and other intangible assets form part of the content of the TZB-info Website.

The TZB-info Website uses the services of the interchangeable advertising system BillBoard.

The “TZB . Info” logo and wordmark are registered trademarks of Topinfo s.r.o.

TZB-info Website content

All content of the TZB-info Website is for informational purposes only and was obtained from sources regarded by Topinfo s.r.o. as reliable. Topinfo s.r.o. bears no responsibility for the correctness, completeness and currency of the content.

The TZB-info Website content is constantly updated and edited. The information, data, analyses, views, opinions or other communications published on the TZB-info Website must be considered in relation to when they were initially published on the Website.

Topinfo s.r.o. makes no technical, legal or financial recommendations or analysis, or other recommendations regarding the content of the TZB-info Website.

Publication of any information, services, data, communications or advertising on the TZB-info Website does not have the nature of an offer, recommendations or other opinions of Topinfo s.r.o. in relation to such information, services, data, communications or advertising. Unless otherwise stated, the content of the TZB-info Website does not represent a call, incentive or proposal to conclude a contract or to initiate a transaction.

Topinfo s.r.o. reserves the right at any time to alter or remove any part of the TZB-info Website without notice.


Use of the TZB-info Website is at the User’s own risk.

Topinfo s.r.o. bears no responsibility for the correctness, completeness, and currency of the TZB-info Website.

Topinfo s.r.o. also bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage arising in connection with access to and use of the TZB-info Website and for damage arising from partial and/or complete non-functioning thereof.

Topinfo s.r.o. cannot guarantee a connection to and error-free functioning of the TZB-info Website, and bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages arising from a failure to connect to the Website and/or inability to use the content thereof.

Topinfo s.r.o. bears no responsibility or liability for the obligations of persons advertised or otherwise featured on the TZB-info Website. Topinfo s.r.o. is not party to any legal relationship that the User establishes with such third parties.

Topinfo s.r.o. bears no responsibility for the veracity, content and form of advertising by third parties on the TZB-info Website.

References and links to other websites

Topinfo s.r.o. bears no responsibility for the content of websites accessible via the TZB-info Website, or any obligations of persons offering or providing services or acting as intermediaries on such websites.

Topinfo s.r.o. bears no responsibility for the content of websites from which it is possible to connect to the TZB-info Website, or for the obligations of persons who offer, provide or arrange services on such websites.

Notice for legal persons

If a particular User registers as a legal entity, it can only do so through a person authorised to do so in accordance with such a person’s internal regulations. Topinfo s.r.o. bears no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by third parties in connection with the registration of a legal entity by a subject unauthorised to do so.

Data protection and personal information

In connection with the use of certain services available on the TZB-info Website, the User may supply personal data pursuant to Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection, as amended (the “Act”).

Topinfo s.r.o., as the operator of the TZB-info Website, is aware of the rights and obligations of the parties, as determined by law, and respects the User’s privacy concerns. Topinfo s.r.o. protects personal data in accordance with the Act.

If the User’s personal data is supplied in the course of usage of the TZB-info Website, Topinfo s.r.o. will not pass on any information without the User’s consent, except where determined by these Terms, legal regulations or with the User’s consent.

If the User browses the TZB-info Website, no activation, search for or use of the User’s previously supplied information shall take place. If the User browses the TZB-info Website, User movements on it are monitored, including detection of the domain name/server/IP address of the User.

Topinfo s.r.o. has the right to use the User’s data as follows:
a) for marketing for its own needs, development and improvement of services supplied to the User;
b) for personalisation of the TZB-info Website and services used, especially delivery of ordered news reports and other alerts.
In the future, these services will be expanded in order to improve quality and ensure the satisfaction of the User and meet its requirements.

On the basis of the data supplied, Topinfo s.r.o. may contact the User in order to offer information about its products or services. If the User does not wish the data to be used for this reason, it will be able to decline this service at any time.

Topinfo s.r.o. is entitled to contact a User who has registered for a service, in order to verify the currency and accuracy of personal data. If legitimate grounds exist for questioning the accuracy of the data, it will be blocked, unless verification or amendment is possible. If such an amendment or verification results in excessive costs or difficulties, the data will be destroyed.

A legal obligation to supply personal information in connection with certain services may exist under the law.

All Users providing personal information have a statutory right to request the controller in writing for details of which personal data about them is being processed by the controller, unless the law provides otherwise. If the Users ascertain that a breach of duty by the controller or processor has arisen, they have the right to proceed in accordance with Section 21 of the Act.

If the User has registered for any services provided or offered on the TZB-info Website, it may cancel such registration at any time.

Electronic communication

If the means of electronic communication is electronic mail (e-mail), information contained in the message will not be encoded. For this reason, we recommend that any information that a User consider personal or confidential, or which is protected in accordance with the law or other information that is in their interest to keep confidential, should not be sent via electronic mail.

Validity and effectiveness

Unless expressly stated otherwise, these Terms are applicable and effective as of the date of their initial publication on the TZB-info Website.

Topinfo s.r.o. reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time.