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An important message for exhibitors

Once again, a firm has appeared on our trade fair market that wants to take advantage of the inattention and trustfulness of exhibitors. Following the example of the Austrian company Construct Data Verlag AG, which until last year was offering the publication of company data in the catalogue Fair Guide at an exorbitant price, now the company Expo Guide from Mexico(?!) has appeared, also offering a listing in its internet catalog with the same name ( under outrageous terms.

The fact that the wording of the sales letter and the arrangement of the order form is strikingly similar to the documents of the firm Construct Data Verlag is surely just a coincidence.

The worst thing about all of this - and please read this carefully - is that the order form for an entry in the catalogue appears at first glance to have been sent by us, the organizer of the trade fair. Naturally, we have nothing to do with the shady practices of the company Expo Guide. We are not familiar with that company, and as our exhibitors know, we use our own form for registering in the trade fair catalogue.

Please use caution before signing anything.

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